Contemporary Sculpture from Mexico



As a selection of contemporary sculpture from Mexico this is too limited to be called a survey. But it does reflect some measure of the diversity of approaches to object making and social engagement that have made Mexico a global hub of artistic and material culture production.

Lorena Ancona 

Alejandro Almanza Pereda

Adrian S. Bara

Tania Candiani

Yolanda Ceballos

Paula Cortazar

Jose Dávila

Ale de la Puente

Adeline de Monseignat

Galia Eibenschutz

Gabriela Galván

Mario García Torres

Cristóbal Gracia

Gonzalo Lebrija

Mario Navarro

Eduardo Sarabia

Bosco Sodi

Héctor Zamora



Performance by Galia Eibenschutz 


Mexico City
October 2019

Pulso (Installation) by Tania Candiani

144 teponaztli drums (wood and leather), 114 drumsticks pairs, 8 tarahumara drums, 8 duble drumsticks Variable demensions Courtesy of the artist