Assembly 2: Bosco’s Grid: Walker

Corban Walker

“Bosco’s Grid” is part of a series of acrylic sculptures made between 2012 and 2022. Over the decade, he used the extruded amber material (sometimes mixed with other colors) to articulate his perception of scale, derived from a visual height of 129cm. He combined an organization of rules with his physical orientation. The mathematical rules analyze such variables in condensed formations, while deliberately stretching the capacity of assemblage and one’s perspective of gravity. 

He is interested in the contradiction of fabricating transparent sculptures that present a partial view of its entity. Experiencing a partial engagement with an object or overcoming an obstructed views by structures found in a defined space are arenas for  how we respond to physical environments, in very specific ways. This body of work provides a means for navigating a room or space with an added awareness of viewer’s own presence.